Tuesday, April 16, 2013

San Fan Manor Dollhouse is almost ready

Poppies Woodshop is almost ready to list this gorgeous 3 level San Francisco Style Dream Dollhouse in the shop soon.  This grand dollhouse is 1 1/12th scaled to fit Petite Blythe, Lati Yellow, Real Person Dolls and other similar sized dolls.  Features wood floors, 3 stair cases, open on 2 sides, 2 balconies, a full length porch, base and crown molding, astorment of wall papers and interior painted walls and tons of lovely architectural details such as cut out railings, exterior dental moldings, brackets, and painted in a pretty robins egg blue. More pics to come soon!  


Jo Moxie said...

Beautiful! Your poppy is a true master!
I love the pictures because it looks like you are a real estate agent :P
What kind of papers do you guys use to paper the walls!?

O. said...

This is gorgeous !!