Monday, April 29, 2013

Progress on the Commission

So as I previously posted this little one is ready to go home. I gave her little freckles as requested and she has a pair of Spraking Slate Hand Painted Glass Eyechips and lovely Silver Rose and Pink Sparkle Pulls.

Dolly Shelf Sunday

The Roxy's on the shelf yesterday in the Studio. The little one on the right is a commissioned girl and will be leaving to go back home this week.  She is such a cutie pie and we hate to see her go! SBL's are a bit harder to get into but they are such a cute mold!

Saturday, April 27, 2013

We Really Mustache!

Amelia and her hairy lipped crew mustache you a question....
never mind, they'll shave it for later!
Amelia is still looking for a home, 
visit her listing here if interested. 
Have a wonderful Saturday!! xoxo

Friday, April 26, 2013

Sly Little.......

Foxing around on a beautiful Friday afternoon.  
Inspired by Poppy Tree Lane's Fox Helmet and a lovelyFantastic Mr. Fox Locket by Mab Graves. We took to the back yard for a little shoot.  Mori style Dress by Everything For The Girl and boots by Dollmofee.  It is the perfect afternoon for hanging out in the teepee.

In the Bliss Studio This Week

On the table in the studio this week is an SBL Roxy Baby for my dearest La Rose.  I love working with her because she generally gives me the creative green light to take the custom wherever I think she lives.  Her only request was that she has freckles, and freckles she has!  I felt pink would compliment her skin tone, so I gave her frosted pink peal lids and lush lashes.  Her mouth has a slight smile and her lips are very shapely and stained with pink.  She has a round button nose and slight kiss from the sunk on her nose and cheeks.  I will see if her hair will need a chop and if she will need some hand painted eye chips.  More pics over the weekend of this little one to come!

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Dolly Shelf Sunday

Hope you all are having a restful Sunday!

NY or Bust!

Looking forward to attending Blythe Con in New York this year. 
Evangeline is ready to hit the road, too bad it's like 6 month away!

Saturday, April 20, 2013

She Flies

Dedicated to my daughters, who have impressed me with their flying skills. I am so proud of them.

Chevron Rainbows

Roxy in a Rainbow Chevron Dress by Australian Designer, Ellie Moe & Little Hoos.
I love the colorful pop which is perfect on Roxy's sun kissed skin. 
Paired with vintage yellow boots and green socks by Vevet.

Saturday Morning in the Bliss Studio.

These bright Eyes greeted me this lovely Saturday morning in the Bliss Studio. Ready to start working on a few girls visiting for some custom work. Ready to get the creative juices flowing, but first up is a cup of coffee!!!

Friday, April 19, 2013

And lillies white......

such a sweet gesture. The Domo's are such romantics!
Have a great weekend everyone!
Jax is looking ever so cute in a wonderful Little Mustache Set by Vevet 

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

San Fan Manor Dollhouse is almost ready

Poppies Woodshop is almost ready to list this gorgeous 3 level San Francisco Style Dream Dollhouse in the shop soon.  This grand dollhouse is 1 1/12th scaled to fit Petite Blythe, Lati Yellow, Real Person Dolls and other similar sized dolls.  Features wood floors, 3 stair cases, open on 2 sides, 2 balconies, a full length porch, base and crown molding, astorment of wall papers and interior painted walls and tons of lovely architectural details such as cut out railings, exterior dental moldings, brackets, and painted in a pretty robins egg blue. More pics to come soon!  

Backyard Adventures


The little ones decided to have a go in the backyard yesterday. Bare feet in the grass, the sun on their faces, a lovely Spring day.  I created a Middie Mondays Group on Flickr, please join in on the fun and snap your Middies and post to the new group hereMiddie Mondays

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Amelia and her Time Out Chair Stand

Introducing Amelia, she is a special One Of A Kind Ethnic Custom Beautiful Brown Blythe Art Doll #19. She is a sweet little girl with a mischievous spirit, don't let her sweet face fool you. 
She is at the testing age and is prone to having to cool down in her time out chair which she is not always happy with. 
Amelia choses to stand in her TIme Out Chair instead of sitting.

Clarisse travels with some very special treats. 

*Kitten Dress by Petite Creayations
*Mohair Bear Helmet by Little Gamusinas
*Rose Pink Sweet Sally Hair Bow by Mab Graves
*Pink Patent Leather Mary Janes by Color4

A Unique OOAK Custom Time Out Chair Stand
~Pink Wooden Winged Back Chair
~Embellished with tulle and rose details
~Cream colored fabric pillow and dusty pink throw blanket
~ Takara metal Stand Stem wrapped in pink tulle

Clarisse is a fully customized 
~ CWC Takara Neo Blythe RBL Simply Mango with a
~ Luxuriously Long and Soft Black Love Mission Scalp

She is now available for adoption here: 

Friday, April 12, 2013

Amelia, Beautiful Brown Blythe Custom #19

Introducing Amelia, Beautiful Brown Blythe Custom #19.  She is a sweet little girl with a mischievous spirit, don't let the sweet face fool you. She is at the testing age and is prone to having to cool down in her time out chair.  She is an RBL Simply mango mold on a Pure Neemo A Type Body.  She has a long, soft black Love Mission Scalp. She has four sets of special eye chips. Hand Painted G Baby Blues, My Delicious Bliss Signature Hand Painted in Patine Copper, Brain Worm Ice Blue and Smoky Black.  SHe has customized Twiggy Twiggy Pulls in Deep Pink with special charms.  She will come dresses in a Kitten Dress with white sleeves and Peter Pan Collar by Petite Creayations, A Hand knit Bear Mohair Hat by Little Gamusinas, Rose Pink Sweet Sally Hair Bow by Mab Graves and Pink Patent Leather Mary Janes by Color4.  She will also travel with her  own Time Out Chair Stand. She will be listed soon in the shop.

Blinking Beauty


Pickle Winkle's New Look

Before & After

How to be a Happy and Successful Business

Love & Positivity

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Kirra's Journey Home

Sweet little Aboriginal Middie, Kirra will be heading home to Australia later this week for Blythe Fest 2013. I can only hope that she will go to a great home of a person who loves to take photos of her. I intend on stalking her through photos on flickr!!! Many lovely outback walkabouts to you little one.

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Luna's Not Alone

I have a feeling I am not the only one.

Sometimes it's not just missing someone, it's wondering if they are missing you too.

It's better when we are together.