Thursday, March 28, 2013

Sweet Little Ones

They may be small, but they are big on cute!

Wubba Thursday?

I have had a very busy few weeks and I failed to post  last Wednesday for Wubba Wednesday, so a day late here we are!

New Display & Carry Case is coming soon

A new furnished display and carry case will be in the shop soon. It will feature a wooden fireplace, a few framed art prints, mirror, trunk and tons of sweet little treats and special details, even a little dollhouse too!

Sweet Little Dear

So happy Spring is here!

On the shelf

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Lovely Leon

I still pinch myself every time I look at this lovely girl. She is my first and only custom and by my favorite custom artist and inspiration, Lunita. I am so over joyed to have her in my home and she will always be a special girl to me.

Sunday Funday...Dolly Shelf Sunday!

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Monday, March 11, 2013

New Doll in the Neighborhood~ Makies

I have been so excited about 3D printing for so long. Thinking only it will only be for the big companies, never expecting an in home version would be available. Until I purchase my own, I satisfied my 3D toy printing craving with Makie Lab. Makie are the world's first uniquely customizable 3D printed Doll.  I logged on and created a digital doll, choosing every facial feature, color of eyes and skin choice.  After creating the digital Makie with Makie Me, it was made real with 3D printing through the Makie Lab in London. My Makie arrived last week, The packaging was cool, I like the minimalistic shipping tube and easy maintenance sheet. The Makie came with a Certificate of Creation as well. 

As soon as I pulled her from the tub, I envisioned how I wanted her to look.  I was surprised at how rough the surface was and how sturdy she was. She was just as I had created her and her features were so clean and delicate.  I could not wait to customize her.  I spray painted her a nice toffee color. It took several sprays to get a nice even finish since the surface was so porous. Once the dried it looked so nice and reflective. 

After the paint was set, I gave her a fresh face using chalk pastels, pencils and mica powders.  I also added eye lashes which really brought her to life.  I finished her with a few Mohair wigs by Sleeping Elf that I had, I switch between a curly plum and a wavy black. I think I will stick with the curly plum wig.

 I am so pleased with my custom Makie. Getting in on this unique revolutionary toy in it's early conception is so exciting. I look forward to creating more, seeing what other options will follow and adding to my collection.  As a Custom Doll Artist, Makies are the perfect way to create from scratch a custom doll, that can even go the next step with battery operation capabilities, looking forward to see how the Makies evolve.

Friday, March 8, 2013

Welcome Jackie Ramone Middie

I just realized I never introduced the newest member to my collection, Middie Blythe Jackie Ramone. I knew I wanted her the minute I saw her Illustration.  With her red colored bob, and her cute outfit with engineer boots, I just knew she would be a great addition.  As previously posted, I have already completed customizing her into a Beautiful Brown Blythe.  I have not settled on a new name for her as of yet. More photos of her customization's coming in time.

Thursday, March 7, 2013

In the Bliss Studio This Week

Custom Middie Jackie Ramone

Commissioned Neo RBL Ethnic Custom 

Blythe Sized Room Box

Tons of work going on this week in the Studio. I am creating an Ethnic Jackie Ramone Middie Blythe, she looks like a little chocolate kiss and with her red bob she looks like a Red Velvet Cupcake, I really think she has turned out a cutie pie.  A commissioned Ethnic Neo RBL Blythe for Terri, she is a lovely girl with painted eyechips, and a hand dyed scalp with a Pure Neemo Body, she is turning out so pretty, just need to add the pulls for her.  A  Blythe Sized Roombox, I need for a project I am working on and will eventually be in the shop.  I started the layout on a Blythe Display & Carry Case, which has been long overdue for the Shop. Worked on a custom Miniature furniture order which will be shipped out next week, and finishing details on a grand dollhouse my Poppie is working on.  I love being busy and creating.  More photos of the progression soon.

Blythe A Day Was Fun

Thank you so Maggie (Kawaii Kandy) for a fun Blythe A Day February 2013. I will be taking a break for March and will return to it in April.