Sunday, February 10, 2013

My New Girl! The Quintessential Californian

I recently adopted a beautiful Roxy Baby SBL Blythe from Addicted To Plastic.  Roxy is a CWC Limited Doll, only 3000 dolls were released in July of 2005.  She is a special collaboration between CWC and the Surfing Lifestyle Brand Roxy.  I adore the tan skin and the velvety look she has once sand matted.
She is my very fist SBL customization and I was at first a bit nervous hearing all of the SBL horror stories and thinking I might have to get out a saw to open her head.  I must confess, it was not bad at all.  She had some spots where the glue melted plastic to plastic, but nothing a little patience and an exacto knife could not  relieve.  
I want her to have a fresh natural sun-kissed look. Envisioning her as the quintasential California Girl, I want her custom, but still a "Roxy Girl".   I frosted her lids with a shimmering clear and copper glitter powder.  She has lush lashes. She already has in place a few pairs of  eye chips, a Brain Worm MilkyTaupe, Roxy Original Turquoise Blue Stocks, Hand Painted G-Baby Dark Blues and a pair of my signature hand painted Chips in Blue Hawaiian.
I have a custom 13 inch OOAK Suri Alpaca rerooted scalp on the way from Patty Paris in a blonde shade.  I will see if I still like all of her chips with the hair when it arrives.  I might add a few freckles here and there and add a bit of color to her lips.  
I have popped my SBL cherry so to speak  and I am ready to get into more!


Anonymous said...

She is perfect and precious!

Me said...

Thank you so much!!