Friday, February 8, 2013

Australian Blythe Fest 2013

Introducing Kirra, a little Indigenous Australian Middie Blythe. Her name is said to mean either “leaf” or “boomerang” in a local language. In the Murri language of southern Queensland, kirra means “to live”. Kirra has Traditional Aboriginal Dot Face Painting and a mix of distinctive aboriginal characteristics, glowing brown skin, big beautiful eyes and a head of glorious copper Blonde mohair. She wears a headband of Aboriginal Yalke Jewel Toned fabric with feather accents. Kirra is outfitted in a wrap shirt and skirt of a Bush Melon Pink Print designed by Aboriginal Artist Betty Mbitjana. The print symbolizes traditional bush foods of the aboriginal people such as seeds & fruit. On her feet she wears worn brown leather cowboy boots. She has a hand felted pet koala named Mirri and always takes along her favorite boomerang, also hand painted in the dot tradition. 
When I was asked to contribute to Blythe Fest 2013 I had a goal to create something meaningful and beautiful to honor the spirit of the Australian people. What better way than to celebrate the Indigenous People of Australia. With Kirra I feel I accomplished that and am proud to be able to contribute a unique and lovely little girl to you. Hugs, Kyi

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Sandi said...

Kirra is very cute and I love the theme you chose for her ... I am quite sure she will make someone very happy. Love the fabric in her headband (not sure about those cowboy boots though).