Thursday, February 21, 2013

LPS Blythe & Picco Neemo Hybrid

Pico Neemo Body Comparison

 I was interested in purchasing a Picco Neemo body as soon as I heard they were making them. They are a tiny version of the Pure Neemo Flection Bodies.  I knew right away I wanted to try an LPS Blythe head on this body.  The proportions are good and I like the life it gives to the tiny LPS girls plus they fit perfectly in our dollhouse.  They are a bit fragile, one of the hands keeps falling out of the joint, but I do like the silhouette the Neemo gives. I will be purchasing more and will eventually create an ethnic custom one.  

Monday, February 11, 2013

WIP: Roxy Baby's Pulls

Roxy Baby's Charms
Keeping with her love of the ocean, for her sleep eyes, she has a jewelry grade Silver Swarovsky Crystal embellished seashell with her stock silver Roxy Charm and a reflective glass Sea Star.

Blythe A Day 11 ~ Red

Blytyhe A Day 10 ~ Braids

Sunday, February 10, 2013

My New Girl! The Quintessential Californian

I recently adopted a beautiful Roxy Baby SBL Blythe from Addicted To Plastic.  Roxy is a CWC Limited Doll, only 3000 dolls were released in July of 2005.  She is a special collaboration between CWC and the Surfing Lifestyle Brand Roxy.  I adore the tan skin and the velvety look she has once sand matted.
She is my very fist SBL customization and I was at first a bit nervous hearing all of the SBL horror stories and thinking I might have to get out a saw to open her head.  I must confess, it was not bad at all.  She had some spots where the glue melted plastic to plastic, but nothing a little patience and an exacto knife could not  relieve.  
I want her to have a fresh natural sun-kissed look. Envisioning her as the quintasential California Girl, I want her custom, but still a "Roxy Girl".   I frosted her lids with a shimmering clear and copper glitter powder.  She has lush lashes. She already has in place a few pairs of  eye chips, a Brain Worm MilkyTaupe, Roxy Original Turquoise Blue Stocks, Hand Painted G-Baby Dark Blues and a pair of my signature hand painted Chips in Blue Hawaiian.
I have a custom 13 inch OOAK Suri Alpaca rerooted scalp on the way from Patty Paris in a blonde shade.  I will see if I still like all of her chips with the hair when it arrives.  I might add a few freckles here and there and add a bit of color to her lips.  
I have popped my SBL cherry so to speak  and I am ready to get into more!

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Blythe A Day 9 ~ Feet

Blythe A Day 8 ~ Kawaii

Blythe A Day 7 ~ Cookie


Blythe A Day 6 ~ Reading

 Charlotte reads Chicken Soup With Rice 
by Maurice Sendak to her kitty Sophia.

In February it will be
my Snowman's
with cake for him
and soup for me!
Happy once
happy twice
happy chicken soup
with rice.

Blythe A Day 5 ~ Upside Down

A Windy California Day

On a crisp, windy California Day.....
There was rain, thunder & lightening, then the sun came peeking through the clouds.
Luckily little Miellat and Lilliette have the perfect snuggly coats by Astrosnik, fuzzy hats by Little Gamusina and Little Brown Blythe to keep them toasty!

Friday, February 8, 2013

Australian Blythe Fest 2013

Introducing Kirra, a little Indigenous Australian Middie Blythe. Her name is said to mean either “leaf” or “boomerang” in a local language. In the Murri language of southern Queensland, kirra means “to live”. Kirra has Traditional Aboriginal Dot Face Painting and a mix of distinctive aboriginal characteristics, glowing brown skin, big beautiful eyes and a head of glorious copper Blonde mohair. She wears a headband of Aboriginal Yalke Jewel Toned fabric with feather accents. Kirra is outfitted in a wrap shirt and skirt of a Bush Melon Pink Print designed by Aboriginal Artist Betty Mbitjana. The print symbolizes traditional bush foods of the aboriginal people such as seeds & fruit. On her feet she wears worn brown leather cowboy boots. She has a hand felted pet koala named Mirri and always takes along her favorite boomerang, also hand painted in the dot tradition. 
When I was asked to contribute to Blythe Fest 2013 I had a goal to create something meaningful and beautiful to honor the spirit of the Australian people. What better way than to celebrate the Indigenous People of Australia. With Kirra I feel I accomplished that and am proud to be able to contribute a unique and lovely little girl to you. Hugs, Kyi