Thursday, January 31, 2013

New Release: Neo Blythe Ambrosia!

Finally a Goth Girl! Here is the first illustration of the new upcoming release Neo Blythe Ambrosia. Her stock is a shiny black dress trimmed with lace fabric, a  lovely black Felt Top Hat  with a bold crested Coat of Arms with wings and a fleur de lis which ties with a blue bow.  She has bow earrings and red fingernail polish.  Her tall black boots are offset with cheeky fishnet stockings.  She has long platinum blonde hair with blunt cut bangs.  She has special light Purple front gaze chips with grey eye shadow, rosy pink blush and lips.  She has fair skin and comes with a black stand.  She has a scheduled release date of March 31, 2013 with a price of @ $188 US.

Illustration courtesy CWC

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CreativeTaylor said...

Ooh! I love the white hair/ black dress combo... very exciting!!