Thursday, January 31, 2013

New Release: Neo Blythe Ambrosia!

Finally a Goth Girl! Here is the first illustration of the new upcoming release Neo Blythe Ambrosia. Her stock is a shiny black dress trimmed with lace fabric, a  lovely black Felt Top Hat  with a bold crested Coat of Arms with wings and a fleur de lis which ties with a blue bow.  She has bow earrings and red fingernail polish.  Her tall black boots are offset with cheeky fishnet stockings.  She has long platinum blonde hair with blunt cut bangs.  She has special light Purple front gaze chips with grey eye shadow, rosy pink blush and lips.  She has fair skin and comes with a black stand.  She has a scheduled release date of March 31, 2013 with a price of @ $188 US.

Illustration courtesy CWC

Blythe A Day ~28 Origami

That awful draft you get when wearing an Origami dress!
Origami blouse skirt and bow

Blythe A Day 27 ~ Plane

On another plane.

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

New Release: Middie Blythe Jackie Ramone

As previously posted here, Junie Moon is soon to release the newest addition to the Middie family, Jackie Ramone. Her photos have jsut been released and she is even cuter than the illustration! I love her little bob and her leatherette jacket. She is adorable and I can not wait to have her in my collection come February 22nd, 2013. Now available for Pre-Order here: 

Photo courtesy Hasbro

Blythe A Day 18 ~ Punk

Member of the Misfits Fiend Club!

Blythe A Day 17 ~ Closet

Lilliette taking stock of her Dressing Lounge

Blythe A Day 16 ~ Glasses

4 eyes are definitely better than 2!!

Blythe A Day 15 ~ Coffee

Will this stuff stunt my growth?

Blythe A Day 14~ Skater Girl

Bubblegum Grinding and Sliding!

Blythe A Day 13 ~ Lazy Sunday

A Cup of Tea + A good book + Bunny Slippers = A Lazy Sunday

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Happy Birthday David Bowie!

Happy Birthday David Bowie!!!
Here is an Excellent BJD Tribute Doll by the ever so talented artist The Katyok
See more here:

Ziggy Stardust Life On Mars Video

Sunday, January 6, 2013

First Custom for 2013 in the Works

Working on my first custom of the year. She is a Neo Blythe FBL Simply Vanilla Full Custom. She has a light Golden Honey color and will feature a Paradise Girl Scalp, 2 sets of MDB Hand Painted Eyechips, Jewelry Grade Pull Charms, Burberry Plaid Print dress, Kuloft Crown, Pearl Earrings and necklace. She does not have a name quite yet but I have narrowed it down to a few.   She is a little red bone French Creole girl, from a fine Louisiana family steeped in deep tradition. She was schooled in Paris and has a flair for the finer things. She thinks as herself as a Princess and will not think to be treated as anything less.  She will be coming to the shop in the near future, check back for more progress and listing time.

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Blythe A Day Jan. 4th ~ Rasta

Here is Evangeline as a Little Rastafarian Princess. 
She is like a little lion in Zion.

Red signifies the blood of those killed
Green represents the lush land & hope for the eradication of suppression
Gold symbolises the wealth of Ethiopia
Black signifies the colour of the Africans who initiated Rastafari

Friday, January 4, 2013

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Six Favorite Dresses of 2012

I was tagged on Flickr by the lovely and talented I.G. Sirenita. So here I have compiled  a collection of my 6 favorite dresses for 2012  form the top left.

1. Plastic Fashion White Scottie Dress
2. Sewing Love by Tania I Love Pink Dress
3. Mini Jijo Pink Angel Dress
4. Kuloft Pink Deer Dress
5. Plastic Fashion Pink Kittens Dress
6. Little Dolls Room Bon Voyage Dress

There are so many more dresses that I loved in 2012, but I always found myself reaching for the dresses above over and over again. I even got other  versions of these dresses in different colors to satisfy my need for the dresses. I hope to have another great collection of dresses in this new year.

Blythe A Day Jan. 1st ~ Celebrate!

A glass of Apple Cider or two to bring in the New Year! Cheers!!

Blythe A Day January 2013

Time to take the Blythe Photography Challenge! Join in for the new year. Here is the task list created by DJangoBoy2. Add your photos to the flickr group Here and add them on Instgram with the Hashtag #blytheadayjanuary.

Happy New Year!

Blythe A Day Dec. 31st, 2012

Happy New Year! Celebrate Good Times Come on!!!!!

Here is a little ditty to get you pumped up!!