Friday, December 21, 2012

Neo Blythe New Release : Orange and Spice

New Neo Blythe Release for February 2013. Orange and Spice is a pretty little thing. She has a bright orange strapless asymmetrical dress with a hint of gold tulle peeking from under with a Navy Blue bolero Jacket.  She has a green hair bow and golden shoes.  Her hair is long, dark brown with a loose perm and parted to the right.  Her makeup is a dark blue eyeshadow, orange blush and pink lips. SHe has special dark blue right eye chips.  She is an RBL mold and will sell for @ $172.00 US.  
She is a definite beauty!

Illustration and information courtesy Junie Moon


Jo Moxie said...

Oooooo I think I must have her!
Where do you go for all your new Blythe info?
Merry Christmas!! XOXOXOXOX

Me said...

I know me too!!! I just search the web and find them not in one place, all over. Hop you had a wonderful Christmas!!! Hugs!!