Monday, December 31, 2012

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Product Loving: Kuloft Shop

Want totally dreamy dresses for your little plastic princess? Well if you do I have the perfect shop for you. Kuloft Shop is one of my favorite shops for all things beautiful and fun. From well priced beautifully handcrafted dresses covered in flowers and beads to laser cut headbands. They also have an array of laser cut accessories from mini iPods, cameras, eye glasses and pull rings.  Kuloft is based in Thailand and has been in the Blythe world for the past 3 years, they ship worldwide and fast.  I am a regular customer and my Blythes' look gorgeous in her creations.


Blythe A Day Dec. 27th ~ Flowers

On a bed of roses she lies.

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Commission Work: Beautiful Brown Blythe #15

This little beauty is a Custom Ethnic Commission I am working on this week for Courtney in Perth, Australia.  She desired a woodland creature loving girl with a sweet smile, a dimple, bright eyes and straight black hair.  I think she is just so lovely and I hope her mum feels the same.

Etsy Shop

Do not forget if you are looking for OOAK Custom Blythe Art Dolls, Doll Houses and  Miniature furnishings to stop by my little Etsy shop for all things Blythe. Will open up my commission list for the new year and offer more custom Neo and Middie Blythe listings also have some very unique doll house and Roomboxes in the works.

Friday, December 21, 2012

Neo Blythe New Release : Orange and Spice

New Neo Blythe Release for February 2013. Orange and Spice is a pretty little thing. She has a bright orange strapless asymmetrical dress with a hint of gold tulle peeking from under with a Navy Blue bolero Jacket.  She has a green hair bow and golden shoes.  Her hair is long, dark brown with a loose perm and parted to the right.  Her makeup is a dark blue eyeshadow, orange blush and pink lips. SHe has special dark blue right eye chips.  She is an RBL mold and will sell for @ $172.00 US.  
She is a definite beauty!

Illustration and information courtesy Junie Moon

Middie Blythe New Release: Jackie Ramone


New Middie Blythe release for  February 2013. She is Jackie Ramone, a punk music fashionista wearing a faux leather jacket, a Union Jack skirt with a plaid yellow and black top with red framed sunglasses. She has dark brown and red hair cut in a cute bob with bangs and a soft wavy perm.  She has light grey eyeshadow and pink lipstick with pink blush.  Her eyechips are light brown with fair skin. She will sell for @ $122.00 US. I think she might be coming to my house!!!

Illustration and information courtesy Junie Moon

Blythe A DAy Dec. 21st ~ Christmas Party

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Blythe A Day Dec. 20th ~ Musical Instrument

Blythe A Day Dec. 20th ~ Musical Instrument

Miellat having a Melanie Martinez moment. She loves her Voice & her two toned hair! She has got to go get her tambourine!

Blythe A Day Dec. 19th ~ Dog

Leone and her lil dog Prince

Spreading Blythe Christmas Wishes!

Thank you sweet Mab!
Handwritten notes mean so much more. 
Thank you for your sweet sentiments & treats I adore! 
xoxo Kyi

Merry Maribel!
Your cute card & lovely wishes are so dear. 
Thank you for spreading your Christmas cheer! 
Warm hugs to you, Kyi

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Blythe A Day Dec. 18th ~ Angel

Dedicated to my Aunty Judy who passed away on this day. She was my most cherished Aunt and I will miss her always. She is now at peace and an angel in Heaven.

Angel of God, My Guardian Dear
to whom God's love commits me here.
Blythe A Day Dec. 18th ~ Angel
Ever this day be at my side
to light and guard and rule and guide.


Saturday, December 15, 2012

Penelopy is finally moving on!

Penelopy is has finally been adopted. I am so happy she has found a home in Wellesley MA with her new mom Kim. I hope she brings her new family as much joy has she has brought me. She takes pink where ever she goes.

Blythe A Day Dec. 15th ~ Bedroom

Blythe A Day Dec. 13th ~ Outdoors

Lucca, Charlotte & Georgia waiting for the bus on a chilly winters day.

Blythe A Day Dec. 14th ~ Elf

Our little Elf Georgia helping to add candy canes to our Christmas Tree.

Blythe A Day Dec. 12th ~ Tree

I'm Dreaming of a Blythe Christmas

Inspired by Dr. Blythensteins creations last year, I decided this year to create a Blythe Themed Christmas tree in the Bliss Studio.  I added my own touch with  a splash of color by adding in Leone and Evangeline, my Beautiful Brown Blythe girls. I think the tree is lovely and is perfect for the studio.
You can create your own Blythe Themed tree with the help of Dr. Blythenstein HERE.