Friday, November 9, 2012

Interview on Mademoiselle Blythe!

I am so incredibly honored to be interviewed by Fanny Zara of Mademoiselle Blythe, regarding my Black Blythe Customs in her most recent post Black Blythe is Beautiful. Not only is it an honor for her to feature my creations, but to include me along with my favorite and most inspirational customizers is so wonderful. Zen (Zanalee) and Mar (Lunita) are the two very women who solely got me into Blythe.  They have both always been so kind to me, so inspirational, their creations and talent have lead me to where I am in the Blythe Community. I am ever so grateful to them both and looking forward to more Beautiful Brown Blythe Creations from them both!!!   Thank you Fanny for posting this article and spreading the Black Blythe Love!!! 

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