Thursday, November 8, 2012

Blythe Bliss Studio

In our Blythe Bliss Studio, my daughter, KK In Lala Land and I have an ever fluctuating crew. This photo reflects the girls that are hanging out in the studio today, be it our own collection girls or those that are customized and available for adoption.  We have had some come and go but each one is always very special to us. We enjoy creating and customizing together, Blythe is such a wonderful and unique creative outlet and is something we can share together.  My daughter is planing on customizing her first Middie soon (that is the little Macaroon Q Tea Party Middie there in the photo bottom left).  I so enjoy those evenings when we are both at our desks and customizing together, talking about our days, sipping tea or cocoa and just relaxing. We both love this time of the year and will soon be decorating our little studio for Christmas.

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