Monday, October 22, 2012

WIP Custom Beautiful Brown Blythe

This weekend I started working on my next Beautiful Brown Blythe #9.  She is a Facotry B2Holic on a tilt neck Licca Body.  I painted her body earlier in the week and it still was a bit sticky, the tilt neck Licca's do not take paint on the legs as well as the regular Licca bodies which is so strange to me.  I carved the faceplate and completed the painting of the front and back.  I then RIT Dyed the scalp dome to match her skin tone. Once that was finished I did a wash and deep conditioning treatment on her hair, it turned out so soft and silky, I am so in love with her hair. The eye mechanism was giving me some heartache. For some reason it would not change cleanly, after an hour of taking it apart and cleaning all areas and making sure it was not broken I figured out the problem and was grateful I fixed it!! After a lash change I began her face-up. Knowing I wanted to go a little different on this girl I was thinking a light natural lip. I am not sure if I love them yet and might take them back to the natural color.  I will keep playing around with the lip color and change her eyechips, I painted some that I think will compliment her skin tone well. She will most likely be listed in the shop by the end of the week.  


mineizclouds said...

Okay, Ummmm I might want this girl! I am sooo loving her!!! Those lips! The tilt neck. EEEEEE!!!

Me said...

Thank you so much Zen!!