Thursday, October 18, 2012

Thandie for Adoption this evening!

A very special girl, she was the 2nd Beautiful Brown Blythe that I created and she is from my own personal collection.  She is ready to take flight and see the world and who am I to hold her back.  Thandie has gone through a few changes this year and I have settled on her current look and she is ready to go. Thandie (Pronounced tan-dee) is a CWC Takara Blythe FBL Mold on a Vintage 1970's World of Love Soul Doll Body that is in excellent condition.  So no body chips or scuffs with this little girl.  She also has a beautiful chestnut Heather Sky Scalp.  She features Decoupaged fabric lids, 2 sets of hand painted G Baby Chips , 1 set handpainted  My Delicious Bliss Chips and 1 set Brain worm chips. She will travel in a dress by Sewing Love by Tania, a Blue Tulle Bow and Leather Brown Cowboy Boots. Her pull charms are  Twiggy Twiggy Jelly Bean pulls customized by KK In Lala Land in a candy theme with a pink swirled Lollipop and Resin Gummy Bear.  She will be available this evening at My Delicious Bliss on Etsy.


Sandi said...

I love brown skinned girls and Thandie is just wonderful...great face and a perfect poser!
No money for dolls at present, off on holidays soon.

Me said...

Thank you so much for you sweet compliment!!!