Sunday, October 7, 2012

Introducing Esperanza!

Meet Esperanza, Ethnic Custom Beautiful Brown Blythe #7. She is now available for adoption in shop now. Please visit her listing here.  This bi-racial beauty is an RBL Takara Blythe Mold with a Raspberry Sorbet Scalp on a Pure Neemo Advanced A Type Body. Featuring  a pair of my own signature Chips, 2 sets of G Baby Chips and 1 set of brainwork chips.   She comes in a dress by Sewing Love by Tania, Crochet Cream Crown by Noumermaid and cute little stripped socks.


Candy No.1 said...

Very beautiful doll

Jo Moxie said...

LOVE the blue eyes and matching socks!

Me said...

Thank you so much!