Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Francoise Ananassa Has Arrived!

My new Middie Francoise Ananassa arrived from Japan today. She is a lovely little thing with pretty bubble gum yummy pink hair.  I was surprised to find how frizzy and fluffy her hair texture was. I was expecting it to be soft and pretty but it was so frizzed and without shine and softness. I immediately washed, conditioned and heat treated her hair. The treatment worked great and tamed those bushy sideburns she came with! I then cut it into a sweet bob and cleaned up her bangs.  I will soon be customizing her, she has a cute little face and I think after a good sandmatting and a wee bit of carving and chip change she will be even cuter! I have not decided if she will stay or go, but for now I will enjoy her sweetness!

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Anonymous said...

How did you heat treat her hair? I just got a Little Lily Brown and the back of her hair was ridiculously frizzy out of the box. : (