Saturday, September 8, 2012

Middie Blythe Ethnic Custom

Introducing Miellat, pronounced me-la which is french for honeydew.  I decided the color of her hair and eyes were screaming for brown skin, so voila!  I went into it sort of fearful from all of the scary Melo stories on flickr reporting how difficult this particular doll is to take apart for everyone. I am so glad I did it cause I am in love with how she turned out.  She was not a major problem but it was tough getting the scalp from the front faceplate due to glue that had melted the plastic parts together. With a lot of patience and a lot of scraping I got the pieces apart. I sanded her matte, carved her nose, philtrum, nares, mouth, chin and gave her dimples. I then painted her parts, replaced her lashes and painted her lids a pearlescent blue. I thought to change her chips with some custom ones but I just love the vibrant color of her stock chips. I then gave her a warm shimmering face up with blue shadow, warm pink blush and natural pink lip.  She is a little sweet one that I am sure will get plenty of camera time, I was thinking of originally putting her up for adoption but now I am having second thoughts. We will see!!

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