Sunday, September 30, 2012

New Custom Beautiful Brown Blythe in the Works

My newest custom which will be available in the shop soon.  No name as of yet, it will come to me as I progress on her.  Working on painting her Tilt Neck Licca, I hope it comes out okay.  She is a caramel colored lovely with cocoa freckles and bright pink lips with a hint of bronze shimmer. She will have long chestnut brown hair with bangs. More photos to come soon.

Blythe Bliss now on Facebook

 I have finally decided to share my Blythe Bliss with a Facebook Page. Please share in the bliss and "Like" it if you are on Facebook. Click here to go the My Delicious Bliss on Facebook.

Saturday, September 29, 2012

WIP Custom Commission Neo Blythe

I was recently Commissioned to create a Neo Blythe. I am still working on her but I think she is just lovely.  She has a sweet innocent look with a gentle smile.  Her hair is borrowed for now as I wait on her custom Yatabazah Luxury Mohair wig. I am thinking of changing her lashes to more lush ones and adding gloss to her lips and thinking a bit more pink blush.  More photos to follow.

Work In Progress: Home SWEET Home Cottage

This week I have been working on a custom commission for a Neo Blythe Dollhouse for a lovely client in Italy.  She wants a perfectly pink cottage filled with touches of yummy treats and lots of sweets!  Poppie got right on it and created an absolutely gorgeous fireplace with hearth and mantel of real miniature bricks and I grouted and white washed it and created a pink interior filled with candles and topped with pretty shabby chick fabric bunting.  The cottage will be covered in pink hued details. More to come in the coming weeks!

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Lovely Luna

Lovely Luna in Ohchiwawa Kidsilk Heart Sweater and Helmet. Luna is one of my daughter's Blythes but I love her look so much I always take her to photograph her.  Luna is a Heather Sky with a My Little Candy scalp. I love the contrast of her warm skin with the soft pink hair.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

This Week in Dolly mail!

I have been being a good girl as of late, but I did just get a few things and the past week I wanted to share.
I got some beautiful separates from Taylor Couture for my new Middie Miellat, some custom Pink Sparkle  Eyechips from Melly Kay, 3 super cute dresses from my friend Tania at Sewing Love and finally a lovely little dress and pullcharm from Cupcake Curio.  I have been trying to be on a bit of a dolly diet but it's no fun if you can't cheat a bit now and then!!!

Middie Models


Miellat & Lilliette are looking ultra chic lounging today.  Miellat is wearing lovely new seperates from Taylor Couture, a Blythe Warmers Slouchy Knit Hat and Dollmofee boots. Sweet Lili is wearing a skirt by Minijijo,  a homemade felt sweater, her may janes are borrowed from another type of doll and a Mab Graves Locket. 

Monday, September 17, 2012

Sneak Peek: Diorama Roomboxes are Coming!

In between working on dollhouses and various furnishings, Poppie's Wood Shop has been creating some Roomboxes which will soon be available in the shop.  I will add custom furnishings and accessories to this one which is sized for smaller Petite sized Blythe, LPS  and other similar sized dolls. Larger scaled Blythe sized will be coming very soon. He is also working on a reversible walls to get two rooms in one and a plus is they are completely collapsible for easy storage and travel. 

Princess Lola

An older photo of Lola, pre Yatabazah Pink Mohair. She is so striking. 
Love the Kuloft Crown and Moma10 Dress.

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Tyrian: A Softer Side

Got this beautiful Whitered Rose Hand Dyed Ombre dress from Cupcake Curio. The amber color reminded me of Tyrian's gorgeous Omber Cashmere Mohair Skinny Scalp.  Topped with a hair pin from Doll No.9, a locket from Mab Graves, Sukra leg warmers and some burgundy Doc Martens, she is ready! 
Tyrian is up for adoption here.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Afternoon Tea

Meillat is dressed for tea. and lloking oh so sweet.  
 She is wearing Ocean Blue Hand painted Middie Eyechips, 
also a sneak peek at the armoir coming soon to the shop.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

New Release Update: Francoise Ananassa Photos

As previously posted, her illustration was too adorable. Now here are the real photos of Francoise Ananassa! She is so lovely with her pink hair and cobolt blue eyes. I anticipate a pink haired Middie invasion!!!! Those who have not had a Middie yet will be jumping on board with this little girl.Photos courtesy of Hasbro via Junie Moon.

Blythe A Day 11 Patriotic

Today is Patriot's Day, designated in memory of the 2,977 killed in the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks. Continued prayers for family & friends for their losses and honor those brave hero's who risked their lives saving, treating, donating and working hard to rebuild in the face of such horrific devastation.

Blythe A Day 8, Mail

Wonder what she got in the mail today?

Blythe A Day 7, Fuzzy

Fuzzy hair, fuzzy hat, fuzzy dress and of course her little Fuzzy Wuzzy

Blythe A Day 6, Mushrooms

Challenges are getting harder and harder. I had no mushrooms so I had to make these little beauties out of clay.

Blythe A Day 5, Technology

Mommy says these records played music when she was young?! I think they make for great trays to hold my cocoa! Why didn't they just use iTunes?

Blythe A Day~Catching up!

Day 4, School
Back to school, Bye bye summer!!!

Day 3, Labor Day
 BBQ with family & friends.

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Ice Cream Dream!

Miellat looks like a dream in her Plastic Fashion Ice Cream Dress! She is such a sweety.

Middie Blythe Ethnic Custom

Introducing Miellat, pronounced me-la which is french for honeydew.  I decided the color of her hair and eyes were screaming for brown skin, so voila!  I went into it sort of fearful from all of the scary Melo stories on flickr reporting how difficult this particular doll is to take apart for everyone. I am so glad I did it cause I am in love with how she turned out.  She was not a major problem but it was tough getting the scalp from the front faceplate due to glue that had melted the plastic parts together. With a lot of patience and a lot of scraping I got the pieces apart. I sanded her matte, carved her nose, philtrum, nares, mouth, chin and gave her dimples. I then painted her parts, replaced her lashes and painted her lids a pearlescent blue. I thought to change her chips with some custom ones but I just love the vibrant color of her stock chips. I then gave her a warm shimmering face up with blue shadow, warm pink blush and natural pink lip.  She is a little sweet one that I am sure will get plenty of camera time, I was thinking of originally putting her up for adoption but now I am having second thoughts. We will see!!