Saturday, August 18, 2012

Middie Custom Commission

This little one arrived all the way from Tasmania, Australia this week for customization.  Her mum, Alanna wanted her to have a sweet little smile, freckles and touched with pink.  I think she turned out pretty cute and I hope her mum feels the same. The Middie is a Macaron Q Tea Party which I sand matted, carved her nose, philtrum, nares, mouth and chin.  Face-up with Chalk Pastels, pencils, Micca Powders and Acrylics.  Her blue eye chips were painted green and she is splattered with tiny freckles.  She was fun to have for the visit and will be shipping her off to her mum next week where she awaits her new head of hair, a custom Sleeping Elf Wig.  In photos she wears a Bambina Carabina knit mouse hat, a Yatabazah Mohair wig, Mab Graves Hair Bow and a vintage Madame Alexander dress.

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