Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Secretdoll Series: A New Brown Girl on the Block

Secretdoll has released a limited edition series of dolls called "The Person of The Past" featuring 3 dolls of color.  I have always been interested in Secretdolls but never had a real itch until I liad my eyes on these beauties. First brought  to my attention by Tbiloo on Instagram,  these lovely little girls are a refreashing look of identities we have not seen before from secretdoll and are holding our breath for Takara Blythe to release a true doll of color not just tanned. Now available at Secretdoll.com for $355 U.S.

Photos courtesy of Secretdoll.com

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Mizz Moxie said...

I LOVE these dolls! I first came across one about a year ago but the owner REFUSES to tell me what kind of doll it is. Which is weird because when it comes to dolls you make them your own, not copy... hehe
Anyway, thanks to you I can finally get one!
I did not know they were a Takara too!