Sunday, July 22, 2012

New Release "Red Delicious"

Introducing a special once a year Anniversary Blythe "Red Delicious".  With a Snow White theme, this  beauty features a Cream colored skin tone, and a Radiant face type.  She has long loose permed hair with bangs in a color mix of black and red tea.  She has yellow-green eyeshadow and lids with cheeks and lips in a rose pink and 4 special eye chips.
"Red Delicious" wears a beautiful red apple organdy, tulle lace dress, with a plaid print bodice, a caramel colored shawl, a bright green headband and comes with a basket and newly designed black boots.

※ Illustration is a design drawing. There is a different case and the final specification.

Be released in September 2012 Release Date:
Price: 22,050 yen (tax included)
Body Limited 2012 

photo and information courtesy of Junie Moon


Mizz Moxie said...

I can't afford another real Blythe right now. That part sucks. What doesn't suck is reading your blog and enjoying Blythe!

Me said...

I know is it a very expensive hobby!! I am trying to contain myself these days too by customizing them and selling!