Tuesday, July 17, 2012

New Release Neo Blythe “Pickle Winkle” Final Illustration.

This is Pickle, a dance loving stylishly dressed Neo Blythe.  She has dark blonde hair with a dark brown streak in her bangs and styled into a cute bob.  Her eye shadow is a pinkish brown and her lips and cheeks are pink of course. Her face type is a cream colored Radiant mold. Her outfit is too cute with a black devil horned hat with pom poms,  black bubble short romper, black and white stripped shirt with a grey sleeveless zippered parka, knee high magenta socks and super cute double belt engineer boots!
"Pickle Winkle" is slated to be release in September 2012 for @ $184 U.S.

The illustration is the image of the product, final production maybe slightly different.

Photo Courtesy of Juni Moon via Blythedoll.com
Can't wait to see her!!!


Sandra said...

she is beautiful :)
I love your blog
follow me too:) http://myblythejulyandme.blogspot.com.es/

Me said...

I know cant wait to see her!! Thank you so very much for following, I will check yours out too!!! Hugs Kyi