Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Latest Dolly Mail

I have compiled some special goodies over the past few weeks I wanted to share some great Blythe products with everyone!  I got the cutest little pink checkered romper from The Fish Market , a slew of cool eye popping separates from Some Doll, my 2nd crochet Capelet by Small Town Sarah in a lovely sky blue color, and just in time for summer some floral short overalls by Lila Marine.  
I also recently hit the jackpot thanks to the talented Gina who had some special handpainted eyechips available that were going to go to BlytheCon, but since she could not attend us lucky ladies who can not attend got a special treat...eyechips by GBaby.  Fresh from Spain, I received my Spring Bird Dress from the La Boutique de Lupi July 2012 Collection and finally this week, the piece de resistance, my Custom Yatabazah Luxury Wig in a gorgeous Sky Blue hue and with a lush, soft and curly texture.  Thanos Samaras is a hair/wig/styling genious and I have a weakness for his creations!


Mizz Moxie said...

Hiya again!

I looked at Thanos's website but could find nothing on purchasing or buying. How does one purchase his wigs?

Love the compiled collection!

Me said...

Generally he creates them and puts them on ebay for auction. I commissioned the two he custom made for me. You can contact him and request a commissioned piece.

Mizz Moxie said...

Thank you again for the info!
Can you link me to his ebay?