Tuesday, June 5, 2012

This Week In Dolly Mail

This week brought me great joy in the mail. It all seemed to come all at once.  I received a few Takara Licca Bodies, one came with a broken neck, I glued it and it should work until I fix it with epoxy, but it will do for now.  I also got 2 Neemo's Small and XSmall for some future custom projects. I also got a pack of hands so I can paint them and replace some of my Brown Blythes hands that have broken at the joint, Evengeline is just down to a pair of  "Peace" hands LOL!  
I also received a bunch of beautiful dresses. First I got the lovely Oh Strumpets Music Note Dress, which is for my custom Fallon.  3 cute as all get out swimsuits from La Boutique de Lupi made me so happy, it's the season and girls are itching to lay poolside.  Colorful and fun elephants dresses with headbands for the sisters by Sewing Love by Tania.  A blast of colorful plaid in a great coat dress by Me and Cat. Whimsical  retro style 3 piece ensemble by Sukra. And to close out my weekly haul is a splendid pink floral ruffle dress by Mini Jijo which came with an extra pretty pink dress as a gift.  

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