Friday, June 8, 2012

Oh what adventures we will have......

Lola was hanging out on the roof having an adventure today. She make believing she was Patchy the Pink Pirate.  She made herself an eyepatch to match her Patch The Bunny suit by La Boutique de Lupi and donned her new Newspaper Hat by Milky Robot


Honorata said...

Thank You for visiting my inconspicuous blog :)
I LOVE your Evangeline at the beach, but THIS blog is a revelation for me!!!
Absolutely fantastic!
I also left the link on polish blythe fan profile on facebook ;)

Have a nice day :)

Me said...

Thank you so very much!!! Spreading Blythe around the world is so wonderful!!! I appreciate you sharing my blog!!!!
Hugs to you!! Kyi

Kelly Dee said...

My friend sent me this photo and said 'This is you as a Blythe doll'