Saturday, June 23, 2012

New Beautiful Brown Blythe Custom

Introducing my newest Beautiful Brown Blythe Custom #5 for my dear friend and the woman who inspired me to be brave enough to create my very own Brown Blythe, Zen. 
Zen wanted a Licca-chan body, dark haired girl with a bobbed hair cut and pearlescent lids with a slight glow like my Evangeline.  She is a Factory Takara Raspberry Sorbet RBL Base.  She has Kisses lashes and Blue Star, Milky White and Black Smoke Brainworm Chips and a set of Chartreuse Takara Chips.  
She is sweet with a touch of sassy, she has an edgy urban style which fits perfect for her destination home of NYC.

1 comment:

mineizclouds said...

EEEE!!!! I can hardly believe that this beautiful sparking beauty will be coming to live with me! GASP! I cannot wait to see her in the flesh! Or should I say plastic!