Monday, June 4, 2012

Fallon, OOAK Custom Blythe Art Doll For Adoption

Introducing Fallon, OOAK Blythe Art Doll and Single Travel Box

Takara CWC RBL Base

Sand Matted
Carved Nose
Carved Nares
Carved Philturm
Carved Chin
Carved Mouth
New Lashes
Boogled Eyes
Sleepy Eyes
Gaze Lifted
Face-up with Chalk Pastels, pencils and Micca powders in warm hues of golden brown and bronzes.
Lips Glossed Varnished
Sealed with MSC

Eye Chips:
Front~Saddle Brown Gloss & Olive Green Gloss
Right: Green Stock Iris
Left: Teal Sunny

Eye Lids:
Eye Mechanism painted brown and frosted in a fine bronzed shimmer finish.

Scalp and Hair:
Washed, conditioned, trimmed , straightening treatment and styled

Pull Strings and Charms:
Buttery Yellow Satin Pull Ribbons adorned with Pink & Black Laser Cut Acrylic Music Note Pull Charms topped with Semi-Precious Tigers Eye Beads.

Music Note Dress by Oh Strumpets
Coordinating Natural Stripped Cotton Socks

Fallon travels in a Lovely Single Travel Box.

See more of Fallon in her Flicker set.

Now Available for adoption at My Delicious Bliss on Etsy.

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