Monday, June 18, 2012

Blythe New Release: Coco Collette

This is the newest upcoming Neo Blythe for July Release.  Coco Collette is a lovely Radiant Type with a natural skin color.  She has brown eyeshadow, bright pink lips and cheeks and her soft pink colored hair is softly permed with bangs.  She has special Light Brown, Pink, Blue and Green eye chips.  Collette loves Lolita style fashion with a lovely designed one-piece with puffed sleeves, frills, laces and ribbons. She also comes with a small pretty light blue hat.  Coco Collette has a retail price of @ $182.00 U.S.

Photos, courtesy Junie Moon


Alienora said...

Really delicious Girl:))) I think that without this big bows under her chin, she could look even better!
Hugs from Alienora

Me said...

I totally agree with you Alienora, sometimes a little less is much more!!!!