Friday, June 29, 2012

Eye See you

Just a little clip of Zen's girl (playing with my slide-show maker)

Zen's Spirited Little Child & Her NYC Flat



It is time to bid adieu to the brown custom I created for my friend Zen.  I know her new mommy is thrilled in anticipation for her arrival as posted on her Blog Born to Blythe. She is all primped, clothed, styled and her home is decked out in an eclectic mix of modern and vintage with framed prints of some of Zens favorite artist.  I have really fallen in love with this little custom. I want to take so many more pics of her, but I must save some frames for her mother. I do not know what name Zen has in store for her, but she is a little creative, curious, quirky and humorous little free spirit.  She will fit right in in her new home!!! I am looking forward to stalking Zanalee's flicker stream even more!!!!  Till we meet again sweet spirited little child! 

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Birthday Blythe Meet

This past weekend was my dear friend Linsday's aka (ElleWoods) Birthday! What better way to celebrate than with an impromptu meet.  We meet at the Friendship Cafe in Monrovia and over coffee and sweet treats celebrated Linz with a gathering of our plastic girls.  The girls looked their best and were topped with oh so special beautifully adorned party hats created by the creative Penny and Barb! Thank you so much ladies, my girls will be celebrating "un-birthdays" all the time so they can don these beauties!!!
For a last minute meet there was a great turn out and we had over 30 beautiful girls in attendance.We saw 
some beautiful custom work by Gbaby, Milky Robot, Stable Custom House, Chaoskatenkosmos, Mo' Betta Blythe, Mab Gaves, KK In Lala Land and of course customizers and owners in attendance, Clarissa fiddybobiddyfiddy), Pauline(RoseAmythest88), Angel(hanawapu), Jen(jinjurblythe), Penny(BLYTHEgalaxy), and of course the Birthday Girl herself Linsday(ellewoods2007). It was a gorgeous sunny day in the perfect location. I had a great time and was so happy to be able to attend....missing the last 2 meets had left me with a serious itch!!! Now I will be sulking because I will miss Blythe-A-Con Dallas..boooo!!!! Thanks Linz for getting this meet in motion and I hope you had the best Birthday ever! 

Saturday, June 23, 2012

New Beautiful Brown Blythe Custom

Introducing my newest Beautiful Brown Blythe Custom #5 for my dear friend and the woman who inspired me to be brave enough to create my very own Brown Blythe, Zen. 
Zen wanted a Licca-chan body, dark haired girl with a bobbed hair cut and pearlescent lids with a slight glow like my Evangeline.  She is a Factory Takara Raspberry Sorbet RBL Base.  She has Kisses lashes and Blue Star, Milky White and Black Smoke Brainworm Chips and a set of Chartreuse Takara Chips.  
She is sweet with a touch of sassy, she has an edgy urban style which fits perfect for her destination home of NYC.

Friday, June 22, 2012

Adoption Update: Vintage treat and shoes for Fallon

Sweet Fallon is still up for adoption at My Delicious Bliss on Etsy.  I have added a few more special treats that will also travel along with her.  She now comes with a sweet little Vintage 1/6 Scale Doll Violin and Bow which fits perfectly in her hands.  She is a lover of music so I only felt it necessary for her to travel with an instrument and once I saw this one at Uttermabness, I knew Fallon had to have it!  I also found her the perfect set of Chocolate Brown Mary Janes. Fallon is now complete and so ready to spread her love to you. See more of her at My Delicious Bliss

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Blythe New Release, Melomelomew Middie

New news today from Blythe Doll.  Here is an illustration for the upcoming new Middie Blythe release set for August 2012.  Melomelomew Middie is similar to Neo Blythe Meowsy Wowsy  in that she wears a kitty costume. Wearing a white fluffy kitten costume with a blue and white stripped apron with little heard shaped buttons and a helmet with large kitty ears with pink polka dots and a large pink bow.  Her hair color is a soft mint green, hair style is long hair with bangs and loose curls. Her eye chips are a cool mint green with light green eye shadow with pink blush and lips.  Face color is cream(fair).

Scheduled release for August 2012 with a retail price of @ $128.00 U.S.

Illustration courtesy of Junie Moon.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Bubble, Pop, Electric!

 This is "Eva", Evangeline's alter ego. Eva likes to wear fantasy hair and has a sassy attitude.  Eva just got one of Aveuch's little crochet numbers and yellow was her color of choice. With a Simply Mango scalp she is a golden goddess!!!

Monday, June 18, 2012

Blythe New Release: Coco Collette

This is the newest upcoming Neo Blythe for July Release.  Coco Collette is a lovely Radiant Type with a natural skin color.  She has brown eyeshadow, bright pink lips and cheeks and her soft pink colored hair is softly permed with bangs.  She has special Light Brown, Pink, Blue and Green eye chips.  Collette loves Lolita style fashion with a lovely designed one-piece with puffed sleeves, frills, laces and ribbons. She also comes with a small pretty light blue hat.  Coco Collette has a retail price of @ $182.00 U.S.

Photos, courtesy Junie Moon

Erregiro creating Nicki Minaj custom Blythe doll

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Blythe Photography Postcards

Here is the perfect way of combining some of my passions, Blythe & Photography and sharing them with you. My first offerings are Blythe Photography Postcards. A selection of 5 images consisting of some of my custom Blythes.  Each Postcard is printed with a high quality image, with a gloss laminate finish and satin smooth unlamented turquoise background on the reverse.
Each postcard measures 4" x 5 1/2" and are perfect for framing or post.
Card stock is sourced from sustainable forests, is Elemental Chlorine free and wood free.

Friday, June 8, 2012

Oh what adventures we will have......

Lola was hanging out on the roof having an adventure today. She make believing she was Patchy the Pink Pirate.  She made herself an eyepatch to match her Patch The Bunny suit by La Boutique de Lupi and donned her new Newspaper Hat by Milky Robot