Saturday, May 19, 2012

Yatabazah In The House!

This week in Dolly Mail brought an item I have been waiting for with anticipation.....The Yatabazah Luxury Wig. Created by the ever so talented, Vogue stylist Thanos Samaras. He created a custom made Mohair Wig for my Blythe entitled "Douleur Rose,  a lovely dusty pink perfection. 
His exclusive brand takes Blythe to an entirely new level of perfection and style.  His attention to detail is immpeccable, from the texture and color requested to the packaging and special branded items included, such as a name sake mohair brush, the detailed instruction booklet to the extraordinary box with styrofoam wig head for  proper storage. I am loving my Yatabazah Luxury Wig and I can not wait to get another! Find out more about Yatabazah!

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