Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Taming Of the Blythe

Sometimes my Blythes synthetic hair needs to be tamed. With Genevive (Prima Dolly Aubrey) her hair right out of the box was uneven, frizzy and stiff. It was in urgent need of some TLC. Restoring your Blythes Synthetic hair to make it softer and more manageable is a simple task. All I do is wash it with regular shampoo, rinse with warm to hot water, condition it and leave it in while you use a straight toothed comb to make sure all strands are covered. Rinse with very warm to hot water (or leave a little in if very bad texture) and trim or cut if desired. I then comb the hair in the desired form I want the hair to have and wrap it in the original plastic or cloth and let it dry and hope for the best! So far I have had success and for really unruley synthetic hair I use a little fabric softener after I condition and rinse out. Thank goodness for my friend and Blythe Hair Guru, Hector aka Aveuch, while hanging at a meet, he gave me these excellent tips to help me tame my little wild ones!

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