Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Panda Love

 Introducing Panda Love, my new OOAK Custom Beautiful Brown Blythe Doll #4

RBL Takara Base
Licca Body
Carved Button Nose
Carved Nares
Carved Philtrum
Carved Mouth
Boggled Eyes
Sleepy Eyes
Gaze Correction Lashes
Replaced Eye Lashes
Replaced Eyechips
Silver Leaf & Charcoaled Lids
Ethnic Paint Work sealed with MSC
Faceup with Chalk Pastels, Pencils and mica powders
Lips Varnished Glossed
Ribbon Pullstrings adorned with Metal Heart and Resin Panda Pull Charms
Goody Blythe Synthetic Wig
Mini Jijo Dress
KK In Lala Land Hair Bow

Will be available for adoption once completed.

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Yatabazah In The House!

This week in Dolly Mail brought an item I have been waiting for with anticipation.....The Yatabazah Luxury Wig. Created by the ever so talented, Vogue stylist Thanos Samaras. He created a custom made Mohair Wig for my Blythe entitled "Douleur Rose,  a lovely dusty pink perfection. 
His exclusive brand takes Blythe to an entirely new level of perfection and style.  His attention to detail is immpeccable, from the texture and color requested to the packaging and special branded items included, such as a name sake mohair brush, the detailed instruction booklet to the extraordinary box with styrofoam wig head for  proper storage. I am loving my Yatabazah Luxury Wig and I can not wait to get another! Find out more about Yatabazah!

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Tres Jolie, OOAK Custom Black Blythe Art Doll For Adoption

One Of A Kind Beautiful Brown Blythe Customization

~RBL Takara Base
~Azone Pure Neemo Advanced A Type Body

                All body parts
                Carved Button Nose
                Carved Nares
                Carved Philtrum
                Carved Mouth
                Carved Chin
                Carved Dimple (hidden kiss)
Make-up applied consisting of
                Chalk Pastels,
                Mica Powders
                Varnished Gloss Lips
                Sealed lightly with MSC
               Added shimmer powder on top
~Faceplate, Backplate and entire body  all sealed lightly with Mr. Super Clear.
                 Scalp RIT Dyed
                 Hair Curled, cut, dyed &
                 Fancy Pansy scalp
~Pierced Ears with Pink Macaron
~Decoupaged Fabric Lids with Glitter
~Kisses Lashes
~Boggled Eyes
~Sleepy Eyes
~Gaze Lifted
~2 Custom Pink Ribbon beaded
~Metal Macaron and Effiel Tower Pull
~4 Sets of  Eyechips
 Left: Chestnut Brown
 Front Facing :Chocolate Brown & Dark Green
 Right: Stock Blue

Jolie comes in a handmade dress by Mini Jijo and Hair Bow by KK In Lala Land

See more of Jolie in her Flickr Set.

Now Available for adoption in my Etsy shop My Delicious Bliss

Middie Dollhouse

 Here is the Little Middie Dollhouse my Poppie made for me for my Birthday.  It is the perfect little spot for my girl Lilliette.

Monday, May 14, 2012

Rejuvenating Genevieve

Introducing the new and improved Genevieve, my new Prima Dolly Aubrey.  I got her because I always wanted a little amber haired girl  with freckles. This past weekend, I set out to put into realization, the vision I had for her before I purchased her.  As previously posted, I set out on controlling her out of the box hair. It was horribly hard, frizzy, with an uneven cut.   I tamed the mane and moved on to carving her face.  I decided to give her a more dramatic mouth than what I have cone in the past.  I also removed her lashes.

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Hello Kiddies

The HK Crew in full force hanging rooftop, wearing their new Erica Duh Hello Kitty tops and Little Gamusina Bear caps.
Ready for Saturday in a major way!

Friday, May 11, 2012

Dolly Mail ~ A great week!

I received some real treats in the mail this week! It started with my free Moo cards, which I only had to pay $5.00 Shipping. They come with the Etsy and Moo Logo's, but they were free and look great! Next were custom made Kitty Robot Pullrings, my little one wanted sprinkles in her Pullrings so I got those and some that look like pink lemonade with sparkles and one glittery emerald green pull ring form my Emerald Alexis Annaliese. Last and most grand was my new Blythe, Prima Dolly Aubrey and a Middie, Macaron Q-Tea Party. It was a great dolly mail week!!

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Taming Of the Blythe

Sometimes my Blythes synthetic hair needs to be tamed. With Genevive (Prima Dolly Aubrey) her hair right out of the box was uneven, frizzy and stiff. It was in urgent need of some TLC. Restoring your Blythes Synthetic hair to make it softer and more manageable is a simple task. All I do is wash it with regular shampoo, rinse with warm to hot water, condition it and leave it in while you use a straight toothed comb to make sure all strands are covered. Rinse with very warm to hot water (or leave a little in if very bad texture) and trim or cut if desired. I then comb the hair in the desired form I want the hair to have and wrap it in the original plastic or cloth and let it dry and hope for the best! So far I have had success and for really unruley synthetic hair I use a little fabric softener after I condition and rinse out. Thank goodness for my friend and Blythe Hair Guru, Hector aka Aveuch, while hanging at a meet, he gave me these excellent tips to help me tame my little wild ones!

Blythe A Day May 3 Cherries

Sweet Evangeline with a cherry on top (of her clog)

Blythe A Day May 2 Gnomes

With hipster gnome!

Blythe A Day May 1 Flowers

A girl surrounded by Flowers technicolor kiss.

Green With Envy In Emerald City

The Emerald Twins in lovely Me And Cat dresses and styling Victory Rolls.

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Tres Jolie, Project Brown Blythe III

Creating a new Beautiful Brown Blythe Custom. This OOAK RBL Black Blythe will be available for adoption when complete. Her name is Jolie, she is a macaron eating, Eiffel Tower loving, little beauty and features pretty fabric frosted lids, Kisses Lashes, carved button nose, nares, philtrum, mouth and chin, Pierced ears, and a special "hidden kiss" dimple. She will come with plenty of special extras and in a lovely box.