Thursday, April 26, 2012

Pure Neemo Figure Comparison

I just got a few more Azone Pure Neemo Bodies today so I wanted to do a quick comparison to show the differences.  All of them can be used to customize your Blythe. The larger the body the studier your girl will be.  The models I have pictured are the Small and one XSmall, Azone also makes Medium and larger sizes with full large breasts, if that is the look you want.  The difference between the Advanced and Flection is the Advanced legs and arms do not bend at the knees and elbows which makes it very stable and the Flection does, it is fully articulated which makes it a bit wobbly. Both types allow your girls head to tilt.  Their feet are larger and can not fit Takara sized shoes, with the exception of the XS Flection which can fit some Takara and Licca sized shoes.  Using the XS gives your girl a child like figure but is not very stable so it is good for photos only. You can find Azone Puree Neemo bodies at Hobby Search, This Is BlytheMimiwoo and of course eBay. 


Jo Moxie said...

I REALLY appreciate this. I've just done a custom and really needed a comparison to make sure the size I wanted IS the size I need!

Anonymous said...

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