Thursday, April 26, 2012

Blythe A Day 26 ~ Sky

Evangeline's head is in the clouds.

Blythe A Day 25 ~ Cartoons

Woodstock loves Thandie, Snoopy could care less, he's napping!

Blythe A Day 24 ~ Being Mischievous

Slipping her the Whoopee Cushion!

Blythe A Day 23 ~ Birds

Annaliese has taken a liking to Orinithology.

Pure Neemo Figure Comparison

I just got a few more Azone Pure Neemo Bodies today so I wanted to do a quick comparison to show the differences.  All of them can be used to customize your Blythe. The larger the body the studier your girl will be.  The models I have pictured are the Small and one XSmall, Azone also makes Medium and larger sizes with full large breasts, if that is the look you want.  The difference between the Advanced and Flection is the Advanced legs and arms do not bend at the knees and elbows which makes it very stable and the Flection does, it is fully articulated which makes it a bit wobbly. Both types allow your girls head to tilt.  Their feet are larger and can not fit Takara sized shoes, with the exception of the XS Flection which can fit some Takara and Licca sized shoes.  Using the XS gives your girl a child like figure but is not very stable so it is good for photos only. You can find Azone Puree Neemo bodies at Hobby Search, This Is BlytheMimiwoo and of course eBay. 

Blythe A Day ~ 22 Music

Lola Bella and her violin.

Blythe A Day 21 ~ Night Time

Peeking in with Night Vision.

Blythe A Day 20 ~ Friendship

Friendship is sharing 1 pair of roller-skates

Double The Trouble

Annaliese and Annalissa just got their new little Custom Mini's by Violetpie. Jennifer is truly a talent, creating these tiny felted fabulous girls from the Emerald Hair to the stylish Shershe fashions. We are in love with them!

Friday, April 20, 2012

Blythe A Day 19 ~ Sweet Tooth

Oh Oreo. Charlotte needs a bigger cup.

Blythe A Day 18 ~ My Collection

Here are 5 of my girls, 2 not shown are being customized.

Mannequins Come ‘Alive’

The Fashion World of Jean Paul Gaultier: From the Sidewalk to the Catwalk. Featuring innovative exhibition designs by Paris-based architectural and stage design company Projectiles, visitors will be able to see 30 unique mannequins come ‘alive’ with interactive faces created by audiovisual projections. And of course, these mannequins will be showcasing the couturier’s amazing designs

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Petite Cottage

This French Country Charm is perfectly scaled to fit Petite Blythe, LPS, Petite Pullips and similar sized dolls.
The exterior is stuccoed with a light pink hue, has a bit of exposed brink in the back and Poppies signature birdhouse. The roof's black stained wooden tiles are covered with touches of moss.  The window is a fully encased paned window with a flower box with dental moulding detail and filled with  a floral spring mix and french welcome flag.  
The interior is completely white washed from floor to ceiling and all furnishings which are included.  The attic loft and exposed beams and panels give this little cottage distinct character.  The interior of the window is covered with a wooden cornice with pearl detail and hung with off white floral linen curtains with pink pom tie backs and trim.  
The hutch has many little treasures such as a clay cake stand with a mini clay cupcake, a Keep Calm sign, 3 vanilla scented clay candle pillars,  vintage brass heart sculpture, a photo, a plastic goblet and a glass tile plate.  The wooden handcrafted bed is covered in soft cotton linens and pillows which coordinate with the curtains and is complete with a little pink angelic teddy bear. The side table has an Eiffel Tower Sculpture and a pink glazed ceramic tea cup and saucer with a round wall mirror above.  Many special touches inside such as a fabric area rug with a rosette print, Paper Poms hang over the bed and a pink tissue streamer runs overhead to add a sense of whimsy and there is also a pot of pink silk flowers.  In the attic there hangs a paper silhouette of a chandelier with crystal detail, a paper dollhouse and a few attic treats for your little one to rummage through.
This house was built from scratch with love by my father (Poppies Woodshop Designs) and is not a kit. He made it out of  birch and pressed wood and all of the trimmings are made of wood as with all of the furnishings as well.  This is a sturdy well built little house which will bring many a generations dollhouse love.
Please visit my Etsy shop if interested.

Inspired by the beautiful Tiny Cottage In The Catskills via Tiny House Blog and Fairytale Abodes

Thursday, April 12, 2012

The New Twins

New girls came today, we call them "The Anna's", Annaliese and Annalissa. Two Factory Girls similar to The forthcoming Alexis Emerald. Love their teal green hairs. Looking lovely in their It's A Shershe Thing Dresses. Will be customizing them soon.


Blythe A Day 12 Pink

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Blythe A Day 11 ~ Bare Feet

We welcome your soul into our home, but not your shoes.

By the A Day 10 ~ Hobby

Lola having a little photo session with her sisters.
She loves taking photos and collecting cameras.