Friday, February 17, 2012

New Neo Blythe Release

Odani Miyuki & Blythe's Collaboration! Illustration proof for CWC
Exclusive Neo Blythe "Margo Unique Girl"

Odani Miyuki, CWC artist and Blythe artist will be designing a Neo Blythe doll!
Odani Miyuki's work is not only cute but also conveys narrative, unique use of colors, and intricate doll clothes and accessories that creates a world that draws the hearts and curiosities of its viewers.

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We would like to introduce this charming collaboration doll, "Margo Unique Girl"!


Margo's look is so chic and pop!

Her black halter neck one piece dress is accented with gold and red giving it a sophisticated and graceful look.
Her initial, "M" is printed on her skirt with a frame surrounding it made of ribbons and tiny hearts.
Her glasses are also big part of her look, she owns circular, vivid pink eyeglasses and black sunglasses.
She wears net stockings, layering them with red socks and wears four strapped shoes.

She has brown long hair with a wavy bangs. Her hair is in a ash light brown.
Her hair accessory is a big blue ribbon.
Her face type is radiance and introducing a new semi transparent skin type called natural skin.
A slight change from the whiter creamy color to a more natural and healthier look.

She has light brown eyeshadow, salmon pink lips, pink cheeks that have a nuanced look.
Her eye colors are a default pink and the special colors include light blue gray, light green and yellow.
The base of the stand is red with tiny gold laminated specks and the column of the stand is gold.

Please look forward to, Odani Miyuki's first collaboration with Blythe!

Release Date: 2012 March
Price: 16,590yen

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Exciting new girl, new skin color, and some special eyechips. Price @ $210.00 US. Start saving now!!!

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