Friday, February 17, 2012

Blythe Collection Book

The definitive Blythe collector’s book with every Blythe: Neo,Middie, and Petite from June 2001 up until December 2011.

Photos of the face, body, design illustrations, a Blythe “dictionary/pictionary,”a list of events and exhibitions, and many other details about Blythe are included.
This is the first time that we show how a Blythe doll is produced, from initial sketches to completion, as explained by Junko Wong.
Every accessory for the Neo and Middie Blythes are shown with each doll.
This bible documents the complete production line of the CWC-produced Blythes.

Too Bad the book is in Japanese only. Hopefully they will release one in English as well. Until then you can purchase the book for @$40.00 US. Available at Junie Moon

*Photo and Descriptive Text Courtesy of Junie Moon

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