Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Petite Peek at Paris

Here is a sneak peek at my next OOAK Delicious Dolly Trunk called J'Adore Paris. Features real hardwood flooring, touches of lavender, blushed Lilies, Tulle, framed artwork, decoupage accents, and my signature metal birdcage, wooden trunk, Passport and other mini treasures. Coming soon to My Delicious Bliss Shop on Etsy.

Blythe A Day 28 ~ Red

Frida Seeing Red. Custom Dia De Los Muertos by KK In Lala Land.

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Blythe A Day 27 ~ Happy

Butterflies make me happy, and Charlotte is one social butterfly

Blythe A Day 26 ~ Bored

This photo was taken by my daughter with her iPhone. It is her Lucca bored with Domo's antics.

Blythe A Day 25 ~ First

My First Blythe and my first customization. Lola Bella, my custom Simply Mango RBL. She has gone through many tranformations and I have settled in on this look for her, it fits.

Blythe A Day 24 ~ Home

The Blythe Condo and Mini Blythe/Pullip house both made by my father at Poppies Woodshop Designs. My Blessed girls are so happy to have a grandpa that makes dolly houses!

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Blythe A Day 23 ~ Fitness

Lola enjoying some outdoor activities, rollerskating, cheerleading, skateboarding and bicycle riding.

Friday, February 24, 2012

Kawaii Goodness at Target

So much kawaii at Target!!! Hello Kitty Compact Refrigerator, Janome Hello Kitty Sewing Machine, Harajuku Mermaid Coin Purse and Hello Kitty Microwave. It was cuteness overload at my local Target store.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

BlytheCon 2012

About 6 more Months to go and it is here, BlytheCon 2012, in Dallas, Texas. So very sad that we will not be able to attend the BlytheCon this year. It is during our pre- scheduled Annual Family Vacation time. To all of you blessed attendees or those who plan on purchasing tickets I wanted to spread the word and share my BlytheCon envy. Maybe we will be able to join everyone in New York next year!!! If you are going, have a blast and don't spend too much....who am I kidding, spend it all!!! For more information on BlytheCon 2012.

Margo Unqiue Girl Promotional Photo

Here is a first view of the actual Margo Unique Girl Photo by Junie Moon. The release stated that she would have a different coloring and eye chips but I think her facial features are really different from the others. She appears to have fuller lips and her nose seems rounder, but it could be the glasses. I think she is super cute! A fuller lip is a nice change!

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Blythe A Day 17 ~ Tea

Lola Bella & Charlotte enjoy a cup of tea and treats this afternoon in the Sun Ro0m.

Friday, February 17, 2012

Blythe Collection Book

The definitive Blythe collector’s book with every Blythe: Neo,Middie, and Petite from June 2001 up until December 2011.

Photos of the face, body, design illustrations, a Blythe “dictionary/pictionary,”a list of events and exhibitions, and many other details about Blythe are included.
This is the first time that we show how a Blythe doll is produced, from initial sketches to completion, as explained by Junko Wong.
Every accessory for the Neo and Middie Blythes are shown with each doll.
This bible documents the complete production line of the CWC-produced Blythes.

Too Bad the book is in Japanese only. Hopefully they will release one in English as well. Until then you can purchase the book for @$40.00 US. Available at Junie Moon

*Photo and Descriptive Text Courtesy of Junie Moon

New Neo Blythe Release

Odani Miyuki & Blythe's Collaboration! Illustration proof for CWC
Exclusive Neo Blythe "Margo Unique Girl"

Odani Miyuki, CWC artist and Blythe artist will be designing a Neo Blythe doll!
Odani Miyuki's work is not only cute but also conveys narrative, unique use of colors, and intricate doll clothes and accessories that creates a world that draws the hearts and curiosities of its viewers.

CWC TOKYO Web Site Odani Miyuki Page

We would like to introduce this charming collaboration doll, "Margo Unique Girl"!


Margo's look is so chic and pop!

Her black halter neck one piece dress is accented with gold and red giving it a sophisticated and graceful look.
Her initial, "M" is printed on her skirt with a frame surrounding it made of ribbons and tiny hearts.
Her glasses are also big part of her look, she owns circular, vivid pink eyeglasses and black sunglasses.
She wears net stockings, layering them with red socks and wears four strapped shoes.

She has brown long hair with a wavy bangs. Her hair is in a ash light brown.
Her hair accessory is a big blue ribbon.
Her face type is radiance and introducing a new semi transparent skin type called natural skin.
A slight change from the whiter creamy color to a more natural and healthier look.

She has light brown eyeshadow, salmon pink lips, pink cheeks that have a nuanced look.
Her eye colors are a default pink and the special colors include light blue gray, light green and yellow.
The base of the stand is red with tiny gold laminated specks and the column of the stand is gold.

Please look forward to, Odani Miyuki's first collaboration with Blythe!

Release Date: 2012 March
Price: 16,590yen

Post Photo and Descriptive Text Courtesy of

Exciting new girl, new skin color, and some special eyechips. Price @ $210.00 US. Start saving now!!!

Blythe 1972 Kenner Advert

If you are new to Blythe or just want a bit of background on this Intriguing Doll please take some time and read A BRIEF HISTORY OF BLYTHE AND HER REINCARNATION

Blythe A Day 16 ~ Favorite

My favorite girl Charlotte in some of my favorite things, Button Arcade Dress, Little Gamusina Bear Cap, KK In Lala Land Hair Bow, A mustache and of course a stached Domo Kun in her pocket!

Blythe A Day 15 ~ Bedtime

Sleepover in the clubhouse tonight.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Blythe A Day 12 ~ Hair

Luna's Lovely Locks.

Kewpie Loves Unicorns

My daughter made a quick little stop motion video of her new little Kewpie doll. Just a little something to bring a smile to your face today! Enjoy

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Product Loving ~ Lunitas Knitting Shop

The talented and wonderful Lunitas sweater dresses are my favorite pieces of clothing in my girls wardrobe. Her creations are well made with a bit of whimsy. When you see her hand-knitted sweaters and dresses you know they are Lunitas, many try to recreate, but there is only one.
My favorite are the Domo Sweater Dresses, but she has a vast selection of prints, colors and stripes. I also love the whimsical extra long sleeves. I can not wait to get more to add to my clothing collection. Visit Lunitas Knitting shop here.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Travel & Display In Style

Bright Buttons Delicious Dolly Trunk, #002. Carries 3 Blythe with accessories. This case is 3 inches larger than the Faith case. More details

Blythe A Day 8 ~ Friends

Bubblegum and Charlotte are friends till the end. Sharing a day of pony play with their pets Pomo and Dolce. Unicornos by Tokidoki Bows by Uttermabness Blue Jean overalls by Blissfully Shop.

Blythe A Day 7 ~ Blue

Our Plastic Family in Hues of Blue.

Monday, February 6, 2012

Blythe A Day 6 ~ Morning

Lola getting up in the morning to warm slippers and hot cocoa.

Blythe A Day 5 ~ Something Made

Charlotte in her Cupcake Crown by KK In Lala Land.

Product Loving ~ Blythe Warmers

I wanted to start a reoccurring post focusing on fantastic products by incredibly talented people in the Blythe Community called Product Loving. My first Product Loving post highlights goods made by a person who helped and inspired me to collect and customize my own Blythes.

With this chilly weather, my girls are loving Blythe Warmers. Made with love by Zenzile Green and available at her shop, a selection of wonderfully soft knitted ponchos, hats, scarves and other seasonal knitted treats in an array of beautiful colors and yarn choices. I love the colors and softness of her pieces. I am sure your girls will love them too.

Travel In Style

Delicious Dolly Display and Travel Trunks by My Delicious Bliss on Etsy. See more details

Blythe A Day 4 ~ Something Bought

Blythe of course. Evangeline with her Blythe Collection. Dress by Doll No.9 . To create your own mini Blythe Boxes.

Blythe A Day 3 ~ Water

A Water Balloon Fight on a warm Friday. Dresses by Doll No.9 and Megipupu.

Kawaii Love, Just in time for your Valentine

Cute & Sweet little gifts just in time for Valentines Day. Visit my daughters Shop KK In Lala Land for more kawaii goodness.

Blythe A Day 2 ~ Flowers

Charlotte's Floral Lids

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Blythe A Day 1 ~ Mood

Sisterly. Evangeline and her little sister Thandie sharing a sisterly moment. Beautiful dresses by Sewing Love by Tania and Necklaces & Hair Bows by Uttermabness on Etsy.