Wednesday, January 18, 2012

I am back from a long hiatus and ready to roll

So much has happened, the Holidays and now a new year. I have been a busy lady. I wanted to start in a new direction. I have, in the last few months have totally found a new and creative hobby. I am obsessed with Blythe customizing!!! My daughter and I have fallen in love with these dolls which I have posted on in a few of my entries. I now want to go in that direction and start posting tutorials and links to other customizers and tutorials. My little one opened up an etsy shop called KK In Lala Land, of Kawaii Hair Treats and Jewelry and we will soon both be sewing soon. Our resolution for the year is to learn to use a sewing machine! We have been welcomed so lovingly into this uniquely cool, creative and artistic comunity. I can not wait to share our creative endevors here, slowly but surely I will start posting some backed up photos and events we have attended and some custom dolls we have created. Let the new year of creativity and fun begin!!!

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Artsyvixen said...

I am in love with these dolls. How fabulous!