Sunday, September 25, 2011

Project Brown Blythe

As previously mentioned, I have a new obsession. My daughter and I have joined the special and unique world of Blythe. Not only have we gotten a few girls but I took on a customization project of creating a Brown Blythe, since the company does not manufacture a Blythe of color. With the help and inspiration of some extraordinary customizers and some courage and patience, I took the leap into customization. The process only took one weekend but the research and planning took months. I am so happy with how she came out and thank you so much to my "Brown Blythe Mentor" Zenzile Green for creating the Blurb book "Little Brown Blythe" which gave me the courage to go for it! I look forward to creating even more customization's and perfecting my method. I am so honored that Zenzile even included my new customized Blythe, named Evangeline on her Born to Blythe Blog! It is so addictive and I am so happy to have a new creative hobby!

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mineizclouds said...

Oh this such a fabulous blog! I love it! And I am so excited about your new Brown Blythe! She's spectacular! Congratulations! I am so happy to have been a part of your inspiration!
: D