Wednesday, August 24, 2011

I Play With Dolls

My daughter and I have some new editions. Our Bubblegum (Simply Guava) and Lola Bella (Simply Mango) Blythe's arrived from Hong Kong yesterday! Weeks earlier than expected, my husband answered the door and received our special package. He had a hard time trying to keep it away from Kaylie! We took extra care in opening them and once in we spent the rest of the evening playing with them. Needless to say we can not wait to get to customizing and gathering up clothes and shoes. We have been graciously accepted into the "Blythe Community"who are so helpful and we look forward to meets and Blythecon. It is a great new hobby for both of us to share and we are already Blytheaholics! Can't wait to get more and even try to customize our own. Blythe Loving!

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