Thursday, July 28, 2011

Beautiful Brown Blythe...My New Obsession

Yes I am a Grown woman and yes I do still play with dolls. How could you not play with dolls when they look like this? Blythe has been around since 1972 but were only produced for one year, they were resurrected by the Japanese market in 2000. My daughter has over a dozen of the Petite Blythe dolls but it is time to get some of the full sized 12 inch Takara Blythes and new Petites that can be customized.' I am in love with customized black Blythes'. The customizers are truly talented artist, their work gives me inspiration to create my own custom brown Blythe.

My 10 year old daughter and are starting a collection as soon as we find ones we love for the right price. There is a large Blythe collector and customizing community, I have been reaching out to them for assistance. I will also try my hand at customizing one into a beautiful brown Blythe.....Wish me luck! If I chicken out I can always have one customized by a professional. You can find out more about Blythe at This Is Blythe. There is also a book by Blythe enthusiast Zenzile Green titled "Little Brown Blythe" you can get here on Blurb . She also has a Born To Blythe Blog that you can check out. I also found some simple customization techinques on Squidoo

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