Friday, May 6, 2011

21 Nites Is Not Enough...PRINCE is Amazing!

Prince's Welcome 2 America 21 Nite Stand in Los Angeles will come to an end mid-May 2011. If you have not gotten your tickets run and get them. This is a concert you should not miss. I was blessed enough to go twice (and a 3rd time coming up this week). This man is a legend and a musical genius, to witness this amazing show is a once in a lifetime experience. Do not let this concert pass you by!

The Saturday, April 30th show brought out a totally different set than last Saturday's show. He started out the night by stating "I've got too many hits, it's going to be a long night!" He was telling the truth. Gwen Stefani was a special guest and performed "So Far, So Pleased"with Prince, she was so excited to be on stage with him, she acted like a little school girl, so gitty and excited. There were also performances with Nikka Costa and the fabulous Shiela E.

The concert seemed to go on and on with several encores even after the lights were up and the stage and lighting hands were leaving. So many concert goers who left after the 2nd and 3rd encores missed out on two more encores, he did "Darling Nikki in the 4th!!!!! The last encore bringing The Times, "The Bird" and "Jungle Love"! Prince was still on stage performing at midnight! This concert was over 3 hours long and I still did not want it to end. The crowd was still chanting his name after the 5th encore! Check out the set list for the night below:

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