Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Creative Book Shelves

I love this idea so much, Book Shelves made of books! It can be a great DIY project or you can buy the bracket here to create unique shelving in your home or office. The idea of recycling books and giving them new life excites me. The creativity is endless, medical books for a docotrs office, childrens books for the nursery, photography books for the photo geek, choose color or themed groupings. Brilliant idea, I am going to start gathering up books and get the project started for my new home office!

I have included the steps below in case you would like to try to create this project. Courtesy of RealSimple.

Find some cloth or leather-bound books with beautiful spines that will work well together as a grouping.

Buy two sets of brackets, using one set for below the books and a single bracket for above. Measure the thickness of each book and start drilling.

Slide each book between the top and bottom brackets before placing light-weight objects on it

Voila! Enjoy your new "book" shelves!

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