Friday, February 24, 2017

Boy Blythe Body Comparison

 Just a quick Body Comparison to show possible choices for a Boy Blythe Custom. 

MDB Merch Now Available

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Saturday, January 28, 2017

Emilia, Ready to Find a New Home

Emilia loves outdoor adventures, traveling and hanging out with her friends. 
Emilia is custom created from Neo sized Factory Tanned Blythe parts. She has a special lip piercing and a head of soft, bouncy synthetic curls and stands 28.5cm tall. 

She will travel in a Vintage World of Love Shirt and Lonely Hearts Cargo Pants with Socks and Lonely Hearts Shoes and a dragon skateboard as in the photos.

She is a fully customized as follows:

Carved Button Nose
Carved Nares
Carved Philtrum
Carved Mouth
Lip Piercing
Application consisting of 
Artists Chalk Pastels, Pencils, Pint Acrylics and Mica Powders 
Eye Lids finished in a rustic brown, Sealed with several coats of MSC 
Aubrie has four sets of eyes which change with a pull of the strings located in the back of her head. Her eye chips have been upgraded and customized as follows:
~Front Facing Puppelina Realistic Glass Chips & XTee Smoked Clear Chips
~Left Facing Pink Stock Blythe Chips
~Right Facing Realistic Glass Blue Chips
Emilia has a soft and bouncy Scalp of Synthetic Curls in brown with a bit of highlights in the sun.
Stock Factory Tanned Blythe Body 
This body is not painted and can be handled easily with out damage.
Jewelry Grade Charm featuring Coppery Gold Toned Metal Filigree Charms with coppery brown metal accent beads with a Venetian Glass Hand painted Charm. Her head must be held firmly in one hand while pulling the strings with the other to keep her head stable while changing the eyes. 

~~~This Art Doll is for the YOUTH AND ADULT Doll Collector, due to small movable parts and her finishings.
Please be aware she is a handmade Art Doll and not factory perfect. She was customized made by hand and not produced in a factory. She should be handled with care as not to damage her finish. Any imperfections you may notice are a result of the handmade process and due to the nature of materials and methods used in creating my face-ups, there could possibly be minor imperfections such as small amounts of dust, stray pastel, sanding blems or paint build up, they can also be slightly asymmetric also, so please be aware of this if it bothers you do not purchase.

*Comes from a completely smoke free and pet free environment.



Monday, December 12, 2016

Margot and Richie Tenenbaum

Continuing my with my Wes Anderson obsession...following Suzy & Sam from Moonrise Kingdom, Agatha & Zero from The Grand Budapest Hotel and Pela dos Santos from Life Aquatic, I present Margot & Richie from The Royal Tenebaums. These two are living happily in a Play scale Diorama of Richie's tent in the 4th Floor Ballroom which has become Richie's Art Studio.

Monday, December 5, 2016

Luna, Custom Commissioned Beautiful Brown Blythe

Introducing Luna, a Custom Commissioned Beautiful Brown Blythe. She is a Takara Neo Blythe Heather Sky with a Takara Blythe "Check It Out" Scalp on a SweetTiiger Flection Body. She travels wearing a dress by Kuloft, hair accessory by Ardentcurse and vintage pink Mary Janes.  
The client wanted her to be a Colombian girl with pouty lips and a touch of a vintage feel. 
She is on her way to 5th Ave in NYC. Luna is a spoiled little one but by no means a brat. She likes the finer things but has a huge compassionate heart.  
She love volunteering, painting and shopping of course 

Friday, November 25, 2016

Harper, Custom Blythe Check It Out now for ADOPTION

Introducing Harper, a "Beautiful Brown Blythe" Custom.
Harper is a sweet little girl who enjoys playing with her toys, watching Disney movies, reading and is ready to go on adventures with you.
Harper is a custom Authentic Takara Blythe "Check It Out" with a synthetic wig of golden curls on Pure Neemo Flection S Body and stands 28.5cm tall.
She will travel in the dress by Sewing Love By Tania, Lace Hair Bow and Vintage Skipper shoes as pictured.

To see full details and purchase info, pleas visit My Delicious Bliss